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Tegueste, Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Spain
Google Plus Code:  GMF7+49 Tegueste

How to Connect with me

US Phone:  352.743.0001
Spain Phone: +34 628 121 873 

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From Tenerife

Working Remote

Working remote allows more time to stay focused on your task without the day to day distractions that can happen at the office. The lack of physically being on location provides more connection time with a greater range of people especially in environments where people are in the field or there are multiple offices.

Today’s technical collaboration tools allow for instant, planned, and impromptu connections day and night.


When necessary, travel can be arranged in smart ways to and from Tenerife with little concern. Direct flights from the island to Newark are available during summer months. Outside of summer, connections are readily available through the Iberian Peninsula.


Time Zone

Time in Tenerife is GMT or GMT+, which is typically
   - 5 hours ahead of Eastern
   - 6 hours Central
   - 8 hours Pacific

There are two small windows of time where daylight savings does not align, and the window of time is 1 hour skewed.


Invoices can be drafted for US dollars deposited in US banks, or the EU Euro deposited in Spanish Banks.

Internet Access

The office in Tenerife is connected via a highly secured LAN with synchronous gigabit fiber running from the island to Madrid with a consistent latency of under 55ms. Performance for video conference or large file management is absolutely no issue.