About Me

No decypher ring Required

Executive Level Leader

A highly accomplished executive leader and consultant in security and technology; demonstrating expertise and strategic acumen to the field of cyber security. With a proven track record of aligning security initiatives with business objectives, I am often recognized for my strategic approach in delivering cyber security solutions while meeting business objectives and budgetary constraints.

Team Member

Strategic Cyber Security

Pioneered smart security strategies focused on risk mitigation, resource optimization, insourced/outsourced balance, and cost-effectiveness

Team Member

Team Building and Leadership

Recognized for reshaping and leading proficient teams to deliver exceptional business solutions and top-tier customer experiences.

Team Member

Data Security

Established a track record of safeguarding data across diverse platforms by employing robust security controls and promoting user awareness through education.

Team Member

Advisory & Coaching

Renowned for my principled and advisory approach, ensuring ethical decisions even in challenging situations.

Vendor Selection

Adept in end-to-end vendor management, from proposal assessment to contract negotiations, ensuring both healthy relationships and value.

Platform Selection

Aligning requirements with tools is no easy task today when there is so much overlap and equally many gaps.  Years of experieance lead me down asking the right questions for find the right solution(s).